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Commercial flights

Ticket and sales reservations

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Cargo services

General Cargo | Special cargo | Charter Cargo
• Cargo operations (Export and Import).
• Cargo forward (transit).
• Cargo Storage Facilities.
• Cooling Storage facilities.
• Container Storage rental

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Line Maintenance

Trained, qualified and certified maintenance crews: we at Air Djibouti have maintenance personnel who have training, sufficient experience and the approvals to provide maintenance services for various models of aircraft all types of airbus and Boeing aircrafts.

Air Djibouti

Ground Handling

  • • Customer service functions (Ticketing, Check-in, Oversized Baggage, Baggage sorting, Irregular operations, Special needs handling, Gate Assignment, Aircraft boarding/disembarking, Lounge Access, Technical handling
  • • Baggage handling (Baggage reconciliation system, World tracer system, Crew baggage).
  • • Fuel Services.

  • • Ramp Handling (Marshalling, Chocking and Connection /disconnection of ground services, Baggage and freight handling, Aircraft towing, Refueling, Toilet and water servicing, Aircraft cleaning, Catering, Provision of Documents, Pushback, Cleaning Services)
  • • Maintenance
  • • Handling, Technical and Landing Permission
  • • Crew and Passenger transport in the Airport and Hotel.
  • • Hotel accommodations.